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Hopewell North East, Grayson, GA Baptism Request Form You will be contacted regarding your request Baptisms begin 10:15 -10:30 AM on 2nd Sunday BAPTISM REQUIREMENTS: • Candidates must be present in the church by 9:30 am • Candidates should bring white sweats (or leggings for girls), white t-shirt, white socks, white towel, white swim cap (if desired) • Complete change of clothes and undergarments for church service • Please remove unnecessary jewelry, accessories or loose items that may be lost As this is a memorable occasion, you may wish to bring cameras and video recorders NOTES: Parents and immediate family of the candidates are allowed in the choir stand during the baptism of their family member. As soon as your family member is baptized, please proceed back so that the next family may come up. If your family member needs assistance in changing, please proceed to the changing area to assist.

2685 Camp Mitchell Road #808
Grayson, Georgia 30017
(Corner of Ozora and Camp Mitchell Road)
(770) 554-0007

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The Lord’s Supper - 1st Sunday of every month

Baptism - Second Sunday 10:00 AM

Sunday School • 9:30 AM
New Member's Orientation • 9:30 AM
Worship Service • 11:00 AM

Bible Study 7:00 PM
(Youth & Adult Bible Study)

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